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Child Support Lawyer in Tampa, FL

A divorce may mean the end of a marriage, but it doesn't mean the end of your parental duties. Along with deciding on a custody agreement with your ex-spouse, the court also has to determine who will receive child support and how much child support will be given each month. Although more women are becoming the breadwinner of the family, there are still many families where the man is the breadwinner of the family. Because of this, the responsibility of child support typically falls onto the father. At Kenny Leigh and Associates, we work to ensure your rights, as a father, are protected.

Our child support lawyer in Tampa, FL, has extensive experience representing fathers in child support cases. Our team of attorneys and paralegals works diligently to build a strong case for you. You can count on us to always put the best interest of you and your children ahead of everything else.

Child Support Attorney Provides Expert Legal Representation

Our child support attorney is well equipped to handle any child custody and support case. With over 15 years of experience, our firm has handled many cases in the local area to ensure child support payments are fair and just. We are not advocates of fathers not paying child support. We simply want to make sure that fathers are well represented and that their rights are not abused.

How Child Support Is Determined

Child support is a form of payment an ex-spouse makes to another ex-spouse after a divorce. While many people believe that you need to be married in order to receive child support, this is not true. Child support has been awarded to unmarried couples before. Typically, these payments are paid monthly and are a part of the separation agreement.

Child Support Attorney in Tampa, FL

A number of life changes are made following a divorce. You may have to change your living arrangement, get a new job, or take on additional financial burdens. Factors, such as these, are taken into account when the court decides on the amount of a child support order. As your child custody lawyer, it's our job to make sure those financial rulings are reasonable and fair.

The wellbeing of the children is the most important thing. Preserving the relationship between the father and his children is essential. You can count on our firm to see that your relationship with your son or daughter is not used against you.

Contact us to help you determine your child support. We proudly serve clients in Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas.